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Aircastle Limited acquires, leases and sells commercial jet aircraft to airlines throughout the world.   As of September 30, 2014, Aircastle's aircraft portfolio consisted of 140 aircraft leased to 61 customers located in 37 countries.

Strategic Approach

  • Pursue a disciplined, “value based” investment strategy.  We believe the relative values of different aircraft investments change with business conditions.  As a consequence, we maintain a somewhat countercyclical investment strategy to seek out the best risk-adjusted return opportunities across the commercial aircraft market.

  • Maintain efficient access to capital from a wide range of sources.  Our strategy is to maintain corporate credit ratings from major ratings agencies, manage to strong credit metrics, own a large pool of unencumbered assets and increase our asset base so as to maintain good access to capital during a variety of business conditions.

  • Sell assets when attractive opportunities arise and for portfolio management purposes.  We pursue asset sales as opportunities arise over the course of the business cycle with the aim of realizing profits and reinvesting proceeds where more accretive investments are available. We also use asset sales for portfolio management purposes and to exit from investments when sales would provide the greatest expected cash flows.

  • Leverage our efficient operating platform and strong operating track record.  We believe our team’s capabilities position us well to source and manage new income-generating activities.  We are focusing our efforts in areas where we believe we have competitive advantages, including new direct investments as well as ventures with strategic business partners.

  • Intend to pay quarterly dividends to our shareholders based on the Company’s sustainable earnings levels.   We have provided a regular return of capital to shareholders in the form of dividends.  On July 28, 2014 our Board of Directors declared its 33rd consecutive quarterly dividend payment.  Since the beginning of 2011 our quarterly dividend has doubled.